The Fair of Father’s Day

Exciting atmosphere spread in Aiai Nursing Home

On Saturday, 15th August, the seniors of Aiai and their family members had a happy weekend with Chih Kwang Senior Vocational Business and Technology High School and the social workers of Fu Bang.

Aiai Nursing Home prepared lots of stands in the lobby, such as waffle stand, radish cake stand, mesona herb stand, traditional ice cream stand, French fries stand, home make cookies stand and second hand charity sale. In the lobby, the foods smelt good, children laughed and the triumph of ice cream stand made lots of noise made the lobby became cowardly.

By this fair, we hope the families of the seniors in Aiai Nursing Home could give affirmation to the arrangement of activity. In this fair, the seniors could stimulate consumer behavior, have freedom to choose and enforce their cognitive function. The progress of the families accompany the seniors became more lively because of the connection. We appreciate that the social workers of Fubon Life Insurance accompany the seniors individually, made the seniors whose families were absent felt warm.