Volunteer Recruit

Volunteer Recruit

The volunteer service content and grouping are as follows:

1. care group: Visit our residents and chat with them, accompany them while physical therapy, or take them to the nearby park for a walk.
2. activities group: lead the residents to participate in activities, and to facilitate the smooth conduct of activities.
3. administrative group: support information counter, provide information to the visitors and help deal with other documents matters.
4. mobile group: assist procurement, accompany residents to hospital and receive their medicines, or help deal with other affairs
5. gardening group: Assist first floor garden and roof top garden to water, weed, and other maintenance operations.

Serve Time:

(1)MON~SUN 9:00-12:00,At least 2hrs

(2)MON~SUN 14:30- 17:30,At least 2hrs。

(3)different work type will get different schedule



Aiai   Phone:(02)2306-0493        Address: No.27, Ln. 175, Dali St., Wanhua Dist., Taipei City 108, Taiwan 


Rights and Awards

1. Formal volunteers get freer group accident insurance.

2. If volunteer serve over 100hrs, he/she will reserve a certification and  a rewrd of 1,000NTD.

3. Formal volunteer can get a voucher after serving for fu hours.


Volunteers' Obligation:

1. Volunteers should check in, check out, wear volunteer vest, and wear volunteer certification. 

2. Volunteers should initiatively navigate visitors, and introduce institution to them.

3. Formal voluunteer  has to work 2hrs a week regularly, and has to accumulate serve time more than 8hrs a month or more than 100hrs a tear. 

4. Follw the protocol, after service, volunteers should record service content every time.

5. Volunteers should take responsible of Aiai's reputation, and prosperity. 


Absent Restriction:

1. When volunteer needs day off, they should infirm their superior in advance, and seek for coworker to cover the shift.

2. Voluteers will be absent for over two months have to inform volunteer superior as early as possible and return the volunteer certification.

3. After long term absent, volunteer can apply to return to institute.

4. When encounter extreme wheather or disasters, we take day off when Tai-pei government anounce school suspended.


Ethic volunteers shoul obey:

1. I would like to sincerely dedicate with perseverance
2. I would like to dedicate what I have, help poverty, annd without seeking fame and fortune 
3. I would concentrate on service, practically, do not use any privilege.
4. I would be objective, stick to principle, won't be emotional
5. I would like to be patient, respect opinions,and do not over manage others
6. I would like to learn and improve myself
7. I would be loyal and responsible
8. I would like to obey directions and follow rules
9. I would like to be enthusiastic with others, and not provoke trouble
10. I wish to be self, to achieve the ideal, not ambitious
11. I would like to respect others, maintain privacy, and will not break promises easily
12. I would like to cherish the resources, refuse to seek personal gain, and will not involve politics, religion, business behavior