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Our gorgeous environment


Wanhua Monga is one of the earliest developed district in Taipei, so it is a place nurtures such abundant culture. Although hidden in small alley, it makes your eyes widen when you sees its entrance. 



Entrance hall

Stepping into the spacious hall, a row of picture window comes to your sight showing panoramic seasonal scenery of the garden. It is never a vacant place, and is always filled with laughter and chatters.



Fragrance garden

We have the cutting edge mental-healing concept garden, all sorts of plants accompanies elderly and their family.



Autumn maple tree

An autumn maple tree in Aiai has lived more than a hundred years, and is protected by Department of cultural affairs. 



Physical therapy section

Aiai's physical therapy equipment is professional medical level, and with the lead and demonstrate of physical therapist elderly can maintain their body function.


Public aisle 

Our aisle is bright and barrier-free, and with different color on wall and hand bar on every floor, it helps enhance cognitive function.



Shower room

It is an enjoyable shower with wet and dry separation, heat light, and the service of our considerate staff.



Single Rooms

There are 60 single rooms in total, there are all sorts of utilities included in every room: bed, bedside cabinets, toilet,  T.V, A.C, closet, refrigerator, fan, table, chair etc. Elderly live with independency and privacy.



Triple Rooms

It is for elderly who likes accompany, and they can also help out each other on their daily life.



Building C QUAD



Building D QUAD

The most popular room type, although it is a quad, its design makes user feel like a double.