(writer:Pharmacist/Kao Ying Ying)

When environment positioning Taiwan as aging society, how can we make “the old are provided for till their death”? The good long term care institution is concern about how to guarantee the health of the seniors and the quality of life. The government also pays more attention on the quality of senior nursing institutions. The kind founders of caring institution, good facilities and medical team include doctors, pharmacists, nurses, physical therapist, dietitian, caregiver and social worker accompany and take care of the seniors make them maintain health.

I come to Aiai Nursing home under this condition. Pharmacist is the guard of health. I attend long term care institution pharmaceutical training course from 1993, being in the long term institution is inevitable. I regard every senior as teacher. I learn from accompany their daily life such as Dr. Lee find out the medical problem of the seniors in the regular visit and learn how to take care of the seniors correctly, understand their needs of physiology and daily life from the interactive between nurse head and the head of nursing aide Kui Ying.

When giving medicine to the seniors of Aiai Nursing Home, I will do needs assessment base on their basic physiologic function, family medical history, the disease they had, current physiologic function and status of taking medicine. For the seniors who need special care, high dependent or lying on the bed and eat by the nasogastric tube I will pay more attention on the way of taking medicine and if the pharmaceutical dosage form is suitable for grinding down into powder.

Under current National Health Insurance system, some of the seniors don’t understand about medicine. They thought visit the doctor more and take more medicine they will have more assurance. Of course some of the seniors will get the prescription by the attendant physicians, but some seniors will go to the hospital by themselves even keep and take medicine on their own. Some seniors will go to different hospital and visit the doctor in different division, and some seniors refuse to take medicine. It is because the seniors are disturbed when they facing ageing phenomenon. I try to explain the problem of taking medicine to the seniors between excess and deficiency.

For the seniors disease and aging phenomenon is inevitable. When the seniors are sick, medicine should be taken at the appropriate time, for example, the medicine of diabetes some have to take before meal and some after meal. Every medicine has different effect and has to take at the appropriate time to have best effect. Use medicine as few as possible to improve the symptom, because every medicine has therapeutic value and also side effect. When using many kinds of medicines, the medicines will interaction with others. I often discover that take too much medicine will cause the seniors feel uncomfortable. How to make the seniors understand how to take medicine is my goal of future.

In Aiai Nursing Home dietitian, physical therapist and I preserve good interaction. When we discover the seniors have some special situation, for example, when the seniors have hyperglycemia or hyperlipidemia, we will remain them not to eat too much and encourage them to do exercise. When some seniors do what we tell them seriously and become better, we all feel happy. This is my biggest encouragement and motivation of working in the institution as a pharmacist. In short, in the interaction of the seniors, I agreed with the opinion of Dr. Lee: Seniors are the protagonists in the institution. The medical staffs like us are helpers who help the seniors to have better care and to maintain health both physically and mentally.


(writer:Nursing Aide Chiang Shu Fen)

“At First, I heard that the work of nursing aide was taking care of the seniors while working. It felt good, so I entered this industry. I never expect that I would work as nursing aide for 8-9 years.” In every corner of Aiai Nursing Home, there are always people serve silently. The nursing aide, Mrs. Chiang Su Fen, who is in charge of Chang Ch’ing and I Shou building, is one of the backstage too.

Su Fen used to work as accountant in a company. After she got married, she quitted the job in order to take care of children. She started to work again when her children were in senior high school. When someone asked Su Fen why she chose to be a nursing aide, she answered with smile “because I was re-employment. I was aged and had left the society for more than 10 years. Accounting and Tax law were different from what I had learned. When I was hesitated, I heard about the work of nursing aide. So I read newspaper and found the training courses. At that time, I entered this industry because someone said the job of nursing aide is to take care of the seniors while working. It felt good. But I never expect I would work as nursing aide for 8-9 years till now”

Su Feng’s job in Aiai Nursing home was to take care of the seniors who had dementia. Facing the disorder behaviors of the seniors Su Feng had her persistence and attitude. “Taking care of the seniors who had dementia was like taking care of children. I did my best to speak softly, be kind and be polite. They could understand and considerate. When the seniors get into a tantrum, if there was nothing serious, I would do as they wish. But if it would influence on their health and safety, I would show determined attitude and stoped their action. If the families could cooperate, it would let the seniors understand better what behavior was inappropriate.”

But sometimes because of diseases, the seniors couldn’t control their behavior. Sometimes when helping the seniors to take a bath, the seniors done well at first but as soon as Su Feng bow down her head, the seniors hit her on her head. Su Feng said “Although I was angry at that time, this is not the seniors’ fault. When I feel upset, I would take a deep breath and I would feel better.”

In the period of working in Aiai Nursing Home, nursing aide was the most stressful staff at the first line. But they had lots of beautiful memories. Sometimes the seniors who had dementia would help to sweep or clean away the dishes after meal. “I remember that day I was busy. I had time to take a break until one o’clock in afternoon. I was tired so I rested my head and arms on the table to take a nap. Mrs. Wang, a senior who had dementia, walked by. She saw me slept without a quilt. She took a quilt and put it on my shoulders silently. I was moved. Although it was nothing, it was enough for me. ”

If you have chance, when you visit Aiai Nursing Home, you can stay a little longer. Maybe you will find the touching stories spread in Aiai. Maybe you will be the protagonist of these stories.