According to the elderly welfare agencies set up regulation, classified as follows:

1. Long-term care institutions: divided into the following three types:

(1) Long-term care type: We take care for elderly suffering from chronic illness and need medical care.

(2) Maintenance type: dependent elderly or elderly who needs nasogastric tube and urinary catheter care service

(3) Dementia care: diagnosed as dementia by neurology, psychiatrists and other specialists, with the ability to operate, and needed to be cared.

2. Retirement institution: For elderly who needs to be cared, or didn’t have caring obligation relative, or caring obligation relative didn’t have ability to care, and can independently live their daily life

3. Other elderly welfare agencies: Provide other welfare services for the elderly. Aiai is Long-term care institution, so can’t provide Pneumatic care service. 

Aiai has hired a physiotherapist, customize elderlies' physical therapy exercise content. The whole process will be assisted by our staff, it cost 200 NTD each time. We also cooperate with the Taiwan University Hospital Bei-Hu Branch Department of Rehabilitation team, using health insurance, the elderly should be accompanied by relative.

1. Physical examination items

(1) chest X-ray

(2) urine: general urine examination.

(3) stool: bacillary dysentery, amoebic dysentery, parasitic infection

(4) blood (need fasting): syphilis, AIDS, hepatitis B antigen and antibodies, biochemical tests (including liver and kidney function, cholesterol, blood sugar and triglycerides)


2. Relevant documents for application

(1) A medical report made by a public or consortium hospital in a month (requires a medical examination and seal).

(2) Summary of recent medical history or discharge medical records.

(3) When signing a contract, please bring the identity card, seal, account book (or household registration transcript), health insurance card, handicapped handbook and other related welfare certificates and three photos of the elderly.

(4)margin, the fee of the current month 

The physical condition of each person and the required care service level is different. The hospital charges to ADL daily life function scale assessment, so even if the two elders choose the same type of room, because of their different pathological conditions, care costs will be different. If you have question about cost or other issues, please call (02)-2306-0493 to contact us. We will reveal all the details to you !!

Different supplies needed such as: diapers, care pads, spit pipes, toilet paper, wet tissue, latex sterile gloves, blood glucose test strips, oxygen, wound dressing ... etc. Other expenses such as transport accompany to hospital, hospital care fees, medical supplies, and transportation fee should be paid by individuals.

Whose household registration located at Tai-pei can all apply subsidy,Details:

Aiai is a place with perfect care service, but the love school itself is not a medical institution, so can not conduct medical behavior (surgery, electric shock ... ).If your relative has an emergency situation EX:( sudden myocardial infarction or sudden illness...etc.), the nursing team will take appropriate first aid measures:1. Nurse incharge will give appropriate treatment.2.Ambulance will send patient to hospital for emergency treatment.3. Emergency notification to family members.To go to the hospital take care their elder.

To maintain the elderly's room, we will charge: monthly fee/(days in the current month/2)

Our care is limited to  the institution,  and there are NTU  Bei-Hu  brench's docter  patrol regularly. If your relative have to go to other hospital, than you and your family have to spare your time to take him/her to the hospital; If you really  can't spare your time, we will send people to go with the elderly(only NTU or TCH), but all the extra expenses will be charged to you.  Taking care of the elderly  needs your  participate.