1.Nursing service: We provide mental and physic analyze to draft nursing program according to individual requirement. Professional nursing staff works 24hrs to give medicine, and take care of wounds, and measures blood pressure, pulse, respiration, and temperature.  

2.Medical service:Doctors from National Taiwan University Hospital and other top-notch hospitals will give ward inspection monthly, and record health condition thoroughly. Our caring nurse will change the tube regularly. If it is necessary to go to hospital, our staff well sent to accompany the elderly. 

3.Nutrition Care:All kinds of food are designed by nutritionist to fit different needs considering both delicious and nutritious.

4.Social work service:We have various social welfare consult, stay-in elders adapting counseling, group activities, cultural and entertain activities, celebrations, family forums, arrangements for associations or volunteers to visit.

5. Life care:Twenty-four hours professional caring, help getting off bed, laundry, bath, feeding, appearance arranging, changing sheets, turn over in time, buckle back and other care

6.Physical therapist: therapists maintain and improve the elderlies’ body function. At Aiai they can access medical level rehabilitation equipment to do their physical therapy.

7.The executive team creates a safe and clean living environment. So that elderlies can live safe and happy in our institution.