Before moving in

1. service object

(1) over 60 years old

(2) no infectious disease and mental illness.

(3) need to be assessed by the team members to meet the conditions of stay.


2. Physical examination items

(1) chest X-ray

(2) urine: general urine examination.

(3) stool: bacillary dysentery, amoebic dysentery, parasitic infection

(4) blood (need fasting): syphilis, AIDS, hepatitis B antigen and antibodies, biochemical tests (including liver and kidney function, cholesterol, blood sugar and triglycerides)


3. Relevant documents for application

(1) A medical report made by a public or consortium hospital in a month (requires a medical examination and seal).

(2) Summary of recent medical history or discharge medical records.

(3) When signing a contract, please bring the identity card, seal, account book (or household registration transcript), health insurance card, handicapped handbook and other related welfare certificates and three photos of the elderly.


4. stay in preparation

(1) Drugs: long-term medication apply by physician and special supplements approved by the physician

(2) underwear, living clothes, pajamas, socks, hats, slippers, shoes.

(3) utilities: toothpaste, toothbrush, cup, shower gel, shampoo, lotion, nail scissors, electric razor...etc.

(4) Elderlies' personal items