“Enter Aiai Island Bravely” Children Summer Camp

For the ideal of concerning on the children and the seniors, we held a summer camp to improve the intercourse between them and helped them to get along to each other. Reducing the lonely feeling of the seniors by love and company, and warmed their heart by the pure laughter of children.


  1. According to our operation purpose of 2015 “spread the spirit of charity”
  2. Make children understand long term care through the activities of experience aging, interact of seniors, design activities and career experience.
  3. Make the children give back the things they learn in these three days through the spirit of generation fusion.
  4. Help the children to understand “expend the respect of the seniors in one’s family to the others” and “expend the love of the children in one’s family to the others”.
  5. Concern on the seniors, build good mode of interactive between children and seniors and build rapport.
  6. Improve the interactive relationship with seniors, reduce anxiety, melancholy and other negative feeling of seniors.


The goals of activity

  1. Cultivate children to considerate the hard work of parents and become polite and mature.
  2. Let the children learn and self-growth through games such as feeding activity.
  3. Give the seniors the happiness of family union through playing with children.


The content of activity

  1. Date:  First batch – 2015/8/5~/8/7, three days without staying overnight

      Second batch – 2015/8/12~8/14, three days without staying overnight

  1. Location: Taipei private Aiai Nursing Home. Lobby, Wan Hai hall, central courtyard, lounge of each floor and the community.
  2. Sign up: Sing up and pay at the front desk of Aiai Nursing Home
  3. Sign up Date: From now to 8/1
  4. Fee: 2000NTD per person for three days activity